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Nordic Medical Clinic is one of the most leading clinics in Malmö and Stockholm. We offer the latest in beauty education and advanced aesthetic treatments, such as Toxin (Botox) and fillers.

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With us, you can always pay in installments for treatments and educations via Klarna!

Beauty education in botox and fillers

We hold beauty courses in botox, fillers, liposuction, thread lifting and much more in Malmö, Stockholm and online.
At the Nordic Medical Academy, we offer various forms of education such as live online, on-site and master's courses. We offer basic and advanced courses for those who want to start working with aesthetic treatments. Our master's courses are for you who have already completed our basic basic and advanced courses. Read more about our botox and fillers educations here. 

Academy & Clinic

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Nordic Medical Clinic is one of the most leading clinics in Malmö and Stockholm. Nordic Medical Academy is a training academy with beauty training in injection techniques such as botox and fillers and more. 

Skönhetsutbildning i Stockholm och Malmö

Sedan 2016 har vår väletablerade klinik funnits i Malmö och nu kan vi äntligen erbjuda skönhetsbehandlingar och utbildningar i både Stockholm och Malmö. Våra utbildningar sker alltid i små grupper för att våra deltagare ska få ut så mycket som möjligt av deras utbildning. Vi har både nybörjarkurser och master-kurser på en mer avancerad nivå.

Vi erbjuder behandlingar inom fillers, åderbråck, browlift, botox/toxin, palsma pen och mycket mer. Vi har både ansvarsförsäkring samt patientförsäkring. Våra behandlare har mångårig erfarenhet och innehar internationellt godkänt certifikat. Vi har konkurrenskraftiga priser utan att tumma på kvalitet.

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With us, you will learn to plan and work with safe injection technology and get the opportunity for a personal, tailored and effective learning method. We offer multilingual beauty courses. The training is carried out in Malmö, Stockholm or live online.


Treatments at the Nordic Medical Academy are performed by a licensed doctor, dentist and surgeon with a master's degree in aesthetic medicine. Certification from Inject Academy, Allergan and Safe Clinic. 


With us, you can always pay slowly but surely, through Klarna payment you have the opportunity to split your payments up to 36 months.


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